Pharmaceutical Technology - May 2022

Pharmaceutical Technology- May 2022

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30 Pharmaceutical Technology TRENDS IN MANUFACTURING 2022 eBOOK P h a r mTe c h . c o m Continuous Manufacturing C ontinuous manufacturing for biopharmaceutica l drugs offers the potential for similar advantages to those that can be obtained by continuous processing of small-molecule drugs, including higher efficiency and f lexibility of scale. At Sweden's AdBIOPRO (the Competence Centre for Advanced BioProduction by Continuous Processing), researchers from Lund University and KTH Royal Institute of Technolog y aim to advance understanding of continuous bio- processing to support industry efforts. To this end, AdBIOPRO researchers conducted a scale-up proj- ect at the Testa Center in Uppsala, Sweden, which is a pilot-scale test center that is an initiative between the Swedish government and life sciences company Cytiva. The group demonstrated that it is possible to run a large-scale, automated continuous biopro- cess in which a cell culture operated in perfusion mode directly and automatically connects to a continuous purification process, says Veronique Chotteau, professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and head of AdBIOPRO. Pharmaceutical Technology spoke with Chotteau about the group's proof-of-concept work and the key components that are needed to run a fully continu- ous bioprocess that connects both upstream and downstream processing in one workf low. Collaborative effort PharmTech: Can you tell us more about the collaboration between the research groups at KTH and Lund University? Demonstrating a Fully Continuous Bioprocess Jennifer Markarian Flexible and efficient methods are needed for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Jennifer Markarian was previously manufacturing editor and is currently manufacturing reporter for Pharmaceutical Technology. ROST9 - STOCK.ADOBE.COM

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