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Q2 2022

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50 Covetrus | ph: 855.724.3461 | fx: 888.329.3861 | We love to hear from you! Email your Raving Fan to: By doing so, you authorize Covetrus ® to publish your comments. Scotty (Lee Scott) has been our inside sales rep for as long as I have worked at Gordonsville Veterinary Hospital. Since I took over ordering 12 years ago, we have formed a working relationship and a friendship of sorts. She is always helpful and quick with answers, and if unable to get answers, good at keeping me informed. Her joyful personality and warm and friendly demeanor is a joy to deal with in an otherwise stressful day/business. Covetrus is our number one supplier. We are lucky enough to be in the same-day delivery area, and with the current shorter hours of work, Covetrus has been able to get our product to us in a timely manner. Our outside rep Daryl Dodson, I can NOT say enough good things about him. He has helped us out of sticky situations when we run out of something and has always helped with returns and ordering. He is one in a million with a work ethic like my own. I appreciate both of these people and all they do to make my work day easier, less stressful, and happy. Sandra Roebuck, Veterinary Assistant Gordonsville Veterinary Hospital We would like to give appreciation towards our sales rep Amy Reeder. She has been available for every question or concern we have regarding products and orders through Covetrus. She constantly gives us updates about backorders, and always helps to find alternative items. She emails us back in a timely manner, which is greatly respected. We are lucky to have Amy as our sales rep! Alaina DeSantis, CVT, Inventory Management Best Pets Veterinary Hospital Our raving fans!

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