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RAMBLING VINES TEXT BY BRITTANY EDGREN It's What Everyone's Drinking S MT Summer of Piquette Ladies and gents, it's that time of year again! e weather is warming, the flowers are blooming, and I'm ready to day drink. is year, I am on that slow and steady train. While I'm still looking to join in the evening festivities, I can't hang with the 10%+ ABV crowd anymore. I have two babies (including my husband), a job (unfortunately), and responsibilities. Not that I didn't have responsibilities before, I just didn't have any humans to keep alive besides myself. You know what I mean? I have been looking for that perfect "Mom drank" for roughly 14 months and 19 days now (not that I am counting), and I think my last trip to the wine shop was revolutionary in that sense. As I stepped foot inside the shop, I noticed a display propped up in the entryway highlighting a new wine I'd never seen before. It was boled in clear glass with a shade shy of neon-pink juice inside. e liquid had a beautiful haziness to it, as if it were pixie dust slowly seling atop this magical pink juice. e label read, "Piquee." Not sure what I had just stumbled upon, I flagged down the wine shop owner to shed some light. Between her description and some further research, here's a quick overview: Piquee is a French term that refers to a centuries-old method of winemaking. is wine is considered cheap to produce and traditionally was enjoyed by vineyard workers and their families. anks to a few ambitious winemakers in Hudson Valley, New York, of all places, this winemaking technique is making a resurgence in the modern-day wine world. e term "Piquee" is derived from the word "Prickle," which refers to the light fizz inherent to this delicious drink. Piquee is made by simply adding water to grape pomace (the leover skins, seeds, and stems of grapes used in the traditional winemaking process) and fermenting the remaining sugars. is produces a fizzy wine with low ABV (4-7% on average). e wine can be made with any grape variety and, as a result, has an endless array of colors and flavors. In general, Piquee is light, zippy, and highly drinkable. In other words, it checks all of the "Mom drank" boxes. Regardless of your parental status, day drinking ambition, or love of Chardonnay, Piquee is a unique take on wine, and I highly recommend giving it a shot. Here are a couple of winemakers who feature Piquee and are sure to provide you with a quality trial run: • Wild Arc Farm, New York, USA • Limited Edition, Oregon, USA • Marigny, Oregon, USA • Swick Wines, Oregon, USA • Leaning Post, ON, Canada Cheers to the warmer weather and discovering new wines! Happy drinking. SIGNATURE MONTANA | 13 1116 9th Street South • Great Falls, MT 4 0 6 . 7 7 1 . 7 4 5 6 4 0 6 . 7 7 1 . 7 4 5 6 w h e a t m o n t a n a . c o m Perfect... Morning or Afternoon. KA A NS UF M E N S W E A R C E N T R E 411 Central Avenue, Great Falls 406.761.5010 FIND US ON FACEBOOK Spring Into Summer Spring Into Summer

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