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SIGNATURE MONTANA | 97 Financial Advisor Financial Advisor w w Member SIPC Michael Plummer 1321 8th Ave N • Ste 101 Great Falls, MT 59401 406-727-7433 Eric Borggard, CFP ® 720 River Dr S • Ste 300 Great Falls, MT 59405 406-727-3427 Dreaming up the ideal retirement is your job. Helping you get there is ours. To learn more about why Edward Jones makes sense for you, call my oce today. S MT a traditional I are taxable and will increase your adjusted gross income, but withdrawals from a Roth I will be tax-free, provided you've had your account at least five years, and you're over the age of 59½ so that this money won't enter into your taxable income calculations, and it won't increase the tax you owe on your Social Security benefits. Similarly, withdrawals from health savings accounts (HSAs) used for qualified health expenses also won't count toward your taxable income. By knowing exactly what to expect from Social Security, including the tax effects, you can more effectively incorporate your benefits into your overall retirement income planning – and the beer your plans, the more you'll be able to enjoy your life as a retiree. TARUM LAW OFFICE P.C. 406.268.0001 Bankruptcy Personal Injury

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