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COVER STORY - LUBRICANT SELECTION W hile sending oil or fluid samples off to the lab is a great way to verify the cleanliness of your fluids and the health of your equipment, the process takes time. Online particle counting is faster, but you may have to trade a certain amount of accuracy for that speed. Cost also will play a role in making the best decision for your needs and application. But for Wayne Hubball, Technical Director at Reynolds Contamination Control (RCC), it's a combination of technological tools and human inspection that delivers the best results for his clients, and he's come a long way from the early days in the industry. "My first particle counter 20 years ago was worth more than my car," Wayne said, laughing. We spoke with Hubball about a system that has brought powerful insights and a high level of cleanliness to mining operations, fuel providers, and even Formula One™ racing teams. We also covered the role that traditional oil or fluid sampling plays in the process and how RCC developed a mobile flushing package that brings it all together. Bennett Fitch | Noria Corporation 8 | July - August 2022 | www . COVER STORY POD RACING Fluid Monitoring in Formula One™ "MY FIRST PARTICLE COUNTER 20 YEARS AGO WAS WORTH MORE THAN MY CAR" By Noria Media

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