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16 | July - August 2022 | www . LUBRICANT RECEPTION & STORAGE Factor: R1P Learn More: Factor: R1P — Quality Control Process Level: KPIs(K) Stage: Lubricant Reception And Storage About: Quality Control Process: The quality control process for new lubri- cants should be formed in collaboration with the lubricant suppliers and should establish a methodology with which lubricant characteristics can be inspected and evaluated. More about this ASCEND ™ Factor How to Inspect Lube Deliveries Bennett Fitch | Noria Corporation A few drums of oil were just delivered onsite and are sitting in front of the ware- house area. What now? Just put them inside and mark them as part of the inventory? Is that it? No. Checklists For New Lubricant Deliveries: • Delivery Requisition Check • Packaging Integrity Check • Lubricant Quality Check • Safety and Storage Check Delivery Requisition Check Upon delivery, the receiving clerk at the warehousing area should begin by verifying the lubricants being delivered meet the require- ments of the original purchase requisition. is includes: • On Time: Were they delivered in a timely manner, in the right place and in the requested packaging? • Right Product: Look at the label — are these the products requested? e product name must be verified in its entirety, not just a similar product.

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