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22 | July - August 2022 | www . I've spent the past week helping a client get their lubrication prog ra m back on track. It seems that we visited their site a few years ago, but the company (having been bought by another company) changed over in leadership a number of times; a lack of communication while people were rotating out of their positions left the organization in a bit of a pinch. They did have some things going for them, though: a lubrica- tion room had been built; they had purchased filter carts, sealable and reusable top-up containers; they even color-coded quick connects — all very nice elements for a lubri- cation program. e issue was that all this equipment was purchased about five years prior. e lube room had been built, but every- thing just got tossed onto a shelf or into the room. I know you're asking, "what's wrong with the lubrication stuff being put in the lube room?" Well, nothing at all is wrong with storing lubrication-related items in a lube room, but everything else that they didn't know where to put ended up going in there as well: ladders, random parts, empty boxes, paint, exploded batteries — you name it. e lube room just became a collec- tion chamber for random items. Additionally, half of the facility had switched to a national lube supplier since being bought, and the other half was lagging by two years in making the switch. I'm not one to concern myself with the "where" when it comes to companies sourcing their lubricants, but this specific facility brought issues onto themselves. Pails of both oil and grease that were seven or more years old were sitting in the back of this nice lube room; some of these lubricants had been ordered by accident, some due to miscommuni- cation and others because the person tasked with placing the order didn't understand what they were ordering to begin with. It gets worse. e client had invested quite a bit in very nice hardware and tools: moisture testing kits, acid number test kits, viscome- ters and even a patch test kit. None of these items were anywhere to be found. Storerooms had changed Factor: H4M Learn More: Factor: H4M — Lubrication Program Management Level: Platform (M) Stage: Lubricant Handling & Application About: Lubrication Program Management: Managing a lubrication program with specifically designed software allows tasks to be efficiently monitored, scheduled and executed. LUBRICANT HANDLING & APPLICATION More about this ASCEND ™ Factor Jeremie Edwards | Noria Corporation What's in the Box?

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