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34 | July - August 2022 | www . Factor: A4P Learn More: Factor: A4P — Sampling Tools & Methods Level: Platform (P) Stage: Sampling Tools & Methods About: Accurate sampling is critical when developing a lubrication analysis program. Inaccurate samples can lead to incorrect decisions regarding machine performance. CONDITION MONITORING, LUBRICANT ANALYSIS AND TROUBLESHOOTING More about this ASCEND ™ Factor How to Detect, Treat and Prevent Microbial Contaminants in Lubricants What are Microbes? Also called microor- ganisms, microbes are microscopic living organisms that can be benefi- cial or detrimental to human health. Microbes can be grouped into five major categories: viruses, bacteria, archaea, fungi and protists. As humans, we currently have millions of microbes throughout our body, and current estimates suggest there could be up to 1 billion different species of microbes on earth. If you have ever taken a level one training with Noria (MLT I or MLA I), you will have heard us compare industrial machinery to the human body: "Take care of your machinery as if you were taking care of your body." After COVID-19, we are all well aware of what a virus looks like, how it is potentially transmitted and how harmful it can be to certain people. We can relate that to how detrimental microbial contamina- tion can be in an industrial oil. Detection When we start feeling sick, we need to perform some basic diag- nostics before we can start healing; a similar approach should be taken with lubrication. What are the symp- toms, what is the root cause of the Paul Farless | Noria Corporation

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