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2 | July - August 2022 | www . M aintenance and Reliabilit y AS I SEE IT Jim Fitch | Noria Corporation Are You Ready? Supply-chain Problems Spark the Need for Backup Lubricants Changing to a more reliable lubricant supply may be your best bet. " In the past couple of years, Noria has received a slew of requests for help from large users needing backup lubricants for critical applications. Disruptions in lubricant supply have been the main impetus for these inquiries. As we talked to many industry contacts, we discovered that the problem is widespread. A shortage of additive stock appears to be the main culprit, but in other cases, base oil supply- chain issues were responsible. Some users have been attempting to deploy stopgap solutions to reduce oil consumption. This includes extending oil drains and doing top-ups as opposed to oil changes. Of course, one way to get oil to last longer is by reducing additive and base oil distress using the clean/dry/ cool strategy. In other cases, supple- mental additives can be reconstituted into the aging lubricant — some- thing like a booster shot. However, that assumes those additives can be made available. It may also be wise to keep larger reserves on hand by doing away with just-in-time inventory management until reliable supplies return. Note that the prolonged storage of lubri- cants may present acute problems as well. Do your homework on storage stability issues from past articles found at However, these strategies may be nothing more than a temporary fix to chronic future problems. Changing to a more reliable lubri- cant supply may be your best bet. At a minimum, you need to be "at the ready" with a backup lubricant that is immediately deployable in your plant equipment when the need arises. Don't wait until you're down to your last drop; think through the worst-case scenarios and the contin- gency plans or remedies that you have at your disposal.

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