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30 | September - October 2022 | www . The Importance of Proper Food-grade Lubricants Optimal lubrication is a critical consideration in any production process. In food and beverage production specifically, a balance must be struck; machinery lubri- cation and food safety are both important. While machines need to be lubricated for smooth oper- ations, care must be taken to avoid chemical contamination. Using food-grade lubrica nts — a nd using them in a correct manner — is one way to mitigate food conta mination resulting from chemica l contact. Food-grade lubricants are made with base stocks and additives that are safe for use around food processing areas. The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International registers a wide range of chemical compounds used in products, including lubricants, that comply with key regional and global food safety guidelines as well as industry regulations. NSF 's re g i st rat ion m a rk s are often one of the few that are accepted by food and beverage companies globally. NSF registra- tion demonstrates that a lubricant is aligned with food safety practices adopted by global regulatory agencies. FOOD-GRADE LUBRICANTS "In food and beverage production, machinery lubrication and food safety are both important." Erica McDonald | Sr. Product Specialist | CITGO

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