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38 | September - October 2022 | www . Factor: A4P Learn More: Factor: A4P — Sampling Tools & Methods Level: Platform (P) Stage: Sampling Tools & Methods About: Accurate sampling is critical when developing a lubrication analysis program. Inaccurate samples can lead to incorrect decisions regarding machine performance. CONDITION MONITORING, LUBRICANT ANALYSIS AND TROUBLESHOOTING More about this ASCEND ™ Factor Oil Analysis Pitfall! For better or worse, our world is ver y connected. Some of these connections allow us to communicate freely, while other parts allow us to gather a whole lot of information. I know that I am not the first person to use the phrase "analysis paralysis," but it really is relevant, especially when it comes to machine reliability. Don't get me wrong; analysis is extremely important, but focusing on a single aspect of a report or one specific technology can quickly turn into an issue itself. I recently had the opportunity to teach an Oil Analysis II class, which included case studies on failure investigations that we have seen or been a part of. Many of these were pretty unique situations and are meant to test how much information the students are able to use and if they could put the new knowledge into practice. Since this was a remote course, not all students were completely active in the exercise, but the ones that were did a very nice job, and it was obvious that they were honing their skills. ere was one case study exercise in particular (involving a CAT wheel loader) that I found interesting. ere were some oil analysis values given, along with some pictures from the failure investigation. Jeremie Edwards | Noria Corporation

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