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Page 13 of 40 | November - December 2022 | 11 ML ML Image courtesy of Know someone who needs to read this magazine? Let them know it's free! another 250+ specifications as to what type of base oil it is, types of additives, thickeners (for greases), etc. And since this is an ISO standard, it is recognized internationally; that means if I know the specifications for my lubricants, I can ensure they are meeting these standards regardless of who I am getting them from. e general populace may not know about this standard, and lubricant suppliers may feign ignorance, but rest assured, 99% of lubricant suppliers will know about this standard and which of their oils meet which specifications. is standard can be a fantastic tool. You can contact your supplier and ask them about the lubricants you are currently using and where they fall within this ISO standard. Once you have this information for your current lubricants, you can start looking into other lubricants for when you are in a pinch or to see if there is a better deal out there somewhere. For example, let's look at hydraulic fluids, which are absolutely everywhere. What we typically run into is an ISO 68 AW hydraulic fluid. Let's say that this is a hydraulic system for a 70-foot truck dumper in South Alabama. e OEM gives specifications for the oil and lists the major brands and options. Well, it is safe to assume that the named lubricant meets the required specifications from the OEM. So why can't we look at those specs and reference this against all other oils out there that meet these specifications? is is exactly what we should be doing. An OEM recommends specific lubri- cants not because they are fans of a specific lubricant manufacturer but because that

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