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20 | November - December 2022 | www . LUBRICANT RECEPTION & STORAGE Factor: R1P Learn More: Factor: R1P—Quality Control Process Level: Platform(P) Stage: Lubricant Reception And Storage About: The quality control process for new lubri- cants should be formed in collaboration with the lubricant suppliers and should establish a methodology with which lubricant characteristics can be inspected and evaluated. More about this ASCEND ™ Factor Efficient & Effective Quality Control Travis Richardson | Noria Corporation An effective quality control process ensures that incoming lubricants are inspected, evaluated and deemed fit for service. Incoming lubricants are a pathway for contaminants, and failure to prevent contaminated lubricants from entering machines can hinder an entire lubrication program. Here are some tips for implementing efficient and effective quality control practices: Ensure that every drum of oil received is labeled correctly; six out of every 100 drums are mislabeled or improperly labeled. Ensure that all of the grease tubes received do not have any base oil bleeding from the package. Greases that have no base oil are not properly lubricating their assigned application. Remember, the base oil and additives are what lubricate. Thickeners just hold the lubricant in place. 5S every detail of your lubrication program, espe- cially the lubricant reception area. Immediately take the lubricant to the properly marked lubricant storage area. Any world-class lube room has a specific area for every little thing, especially for drum storage. As we always say, 5S the lube room to the extreme. Make storage of lubricants and parts easy, where anyone off the street could walk in and know exactly where every tool and container goes.

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