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22 | November - December 2022 | www . Factor: H2P Learn More: Factor: H2P – Handling and Application Devices Level: Platform (P) Stage: Lubricant Handling & Application About: Often overlooked, proper machinery configuration ensures that machines designed for generic applications match specific operational contexts. LUBRICANT HANDLING & APPLICATION More about this ASCEND ™ Factor Don't Waste your Time Tracking These KPIs Deciding which Key Performance Indica- tors (KPIs) to track can be a diff icult task. A KPI needs to be purposeful; it needs to indicate the causality between action and reward; it needs to be able to alert us to any concerns. Effective KPIs show what changes are taking place (altered processes, implementing new technology, etc.) and how those changes are impacting key business objectives (reduced equ ipment fa i lu re, i mproved manpower efficiencies, etc.). KPIs also reveal the extent to which current legacy activities continue to provide sustained benefits, revealing if the margins are closing in. After all, if we aren't improving, we're falling behind. Lubrication has a critical impact on equipment reliability and, as such, has associated reliability objectives and goals — our daily actions have everything to do with reaching these objectives and goals. To define these goals, we often apply the tenants of SMART Goals SMART Goals: • Specific • Measurable • Achievable • Relevant • Time-bound Once these goals are set, KPIs can be used to measure the progress on these goals over time — or at least they should. For KPIs to have any value at all, they must have a clear association with actions that are specific, achievable and relevant. If you don't know what is influencing a change in a KPI, you may be wasting your time by measuring it. e following infographic describes a few KPIs associated with lubrica- tion tasks and the factors that make them effective. About the Author Bennett Fitch is the Chief Strategy Officer for Noria Corporation. He is a mechanical engineer who holds a Machinery Lubri- cation Engineer (MLE) certification, a Machine Lubricant Analyst (MLA) Level III certification and a Machine Lubrication Technician (MLT) Level II certification through the International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML). Contact Bennett at Bennett Fitch | Noria Corporation

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