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26 | November - December 2022 | www . Learn More: Factor: A4P — Sampling Tools & Methods Level: Platform (P) Stage: Sampling Tools & Methods About: Accurate sampling is critical when developing a lubrication analysis program. Inaccurate samples can lead to incorrect decisions regarding machine performance. More about this ASCEND ™ Factor Onsite Labs vs. Offsite Labs: Which is Best for My Lube Program? With facilities running on le a ne r s t a f f, increased run times and the expectation of fewer failures, quality data from lubricant analysis has only grown in importance. By looking at the data contained within an oil or a grease sample, we can determine if the lubricant and the machine are still healthy and ultimately make main- tenance decisions that impact one or both. With many organizations pushing for data-driven decisions based upon machine condition (rather than a static time interval), lubricant analysis is being relied upon more heavily. We are in an age where we are used to finding, in near real-time, the information we use to make choices on everything from what product we buy off the internet to where we are going to eat. is has also made its way into mainte- nance, and now more professionals are looking with renewed interest at a question that has existed for some time: should we perform our lubri- cant analysis in-house or rely on a commercial laboratory? For more mature programs, there is often a desire to bring the majority of the testing in-house or to have the ability to do some analysis to deter- mine if there could be problems with equipment or lubricants. While this can be incredibly beneficial, there are downsides as well. As is the case for most improve- ment projects, there would need to be a cost-benefit analysis or, even more simply, a pros and cons list. If we were to provide that for most facilities, it might look something like the following (far from exhaus- tive, but a good starting ground to understand the impacts). Factor: A4P CONDITION MONITORING, LUBRICANT ANALYSIS AND TROUBLESHOOTING Wes Cash | Noria Corporation

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