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SIGNATURE MONTANA | 47 A portion of an 1875 bird's eye map of Helena loosely depicts Bullock's gallows and the fence around it at the rear of his new jail (number 5 on the map) at Courthouse Square. Sterres and Wheatley met their ends in the rear courtyard of Bullock's jail, pictured here just before it was razed in 1890 to make room for a new jail on the same site. From territorial days to 1983, Montana law required that officials conduct executions near the jail in the county where the crime occurred. Sheriff Bullock had a scaffold built in the yard of the new Lewis and Clark County jail he had just completed. e law also required the presence of the sheriff, a physician, the county aorney and at least "twelve reputable citizens." Sheriff Bullock sent invitations as the law prescribed. e law also prohibited public viewing, so the sheriff had a fence built around the scaffold. irteen symbolic steps leading up to the scaffold's platform made the gallows so tall that the fence could not shield it from public view. Sheriff Bullock realized that nearby rooops would afford the public ample viewing, and privacy was impossible to enforce, so he moved the hour specified in the death warrant from midday to just past midnight. Library of Congress. Library of Congress. THE BEST OF GREAT FALLS IT'S Family Restaurant 127 CENTRAL AVENUE ORDER ONLINE! GREAT FALLS, MT 406.315.3585 time time TRACYSDINER.COM LOCAL DELIVERY

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