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74 | SIGNATURE MONTANA Handcrafted with Natural Ingredients EEF 100% Grass-Fed & Sprout Finished ALLOW B T Soaps & Lotions Non-Toxic Hydrating Nourishing Excellent for all skin types "We used to hand-scoop the grain, now it is automated and uses the same amount every time, we have beer control over how much is used," explains McCafferty. "We have noticed an improvement in consistency of the gain-to-feed ratio and seeing beer gains now." "e automated new design tripled production," says Gondeiro. "It's more efficient and takes less time." McCafferty Ranch Simmental-Angus graze on six-day-old barley fodder, which is high in protein, and produces the micronutrients and macronutrients needed to create beef with a higher Omega 3 ratio. The barley fodder is a healthy feed, which Megan Gondeiro says translates to healthy beef. Robots move trays in the McCafferty Ranch's hydroponic fodder barn. The use of robotics has drastically reduced the number of manual labor hours needed to operate the fodder barn and uses dramatically less water than any other system available, says Matt Woodworth, Integrated Fodder business partner.

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