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January 2023

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM JANUARY 2023 62 A s United Appliance Servicers Association (UASA) celebrates its 30th Anniversary, we have worked diligently to identify our members' needs and develop new ways to make their professional lives easier. OUR RECENTLY ADDED BENEFITS INCLUDE: • Peer Groups. A long-term benefit for UASA members that has recently been in high demand is the formation of Peer Groups. A Peer Group is a group of like-minded business owners in non- competing areas who meet regularly to discuss the issues they are seeing in their own businesses and work together to come up with solutions. These smaller groups of 8-15 business owners get to know each other and become comfortable sharing information, resulting in solid long-term relationships. We've seen groups that accomplished what they intended in a few years, and groups that grow and shift and reform over many years. It's a truly great opportunity. • Healthcare program. UASA's Healthcare Benefits Program, in partnership with the Small Association Leadership Alliance (SALA), is a proven healthcare insurance alternative for UASA members to consider. The program offers several components for customizing healthcare coverage – when the components are brought together, the result is a comprehensive, affordable healthcare option. • Savings 4 Members. UASA's new partnership with Savings4Members provides UASA members an opportunity to save on everyday operational costs such as payroll, fuel, office supplies, shipping, and everything in between. It's simple, too! Just access the S4M website through UASA's website and an S4M team member will discuss and assess your business and activate the best savings for your bottom line. Then, add it up – the average business saves up to $14,000 per year! • Business Insurance. UASA has partnered with two insurance agencies to provide competitive insurance rates to our members. We regularly hear that our members are saving thousands on the same or better coverage than they had before. Simply fill out the form on UASA's website, and you'll be contacted with quotes for your specific business. • Servicers Networking Community. This is a group of independent service companies that might not have the time or financial means to join a Peer Group, but that still want the camaraderie of a networking community. In this group you'll feel comfortable discussing your best practices, asking questions, etc. This intimate group will meet regularly and will have alternative forms of communication: text, email groups, private Facebook group, etc. – without having to worry about accidentally disclosing your secrets to your competition. While you might think this is similar to a Peer Group, it's completely different. Stay tuned for more details, as this is a NEW member benefit in 2023! • Laundry Room. The Laundry Room is a platform for brainstorming and networking with your peers and like-minded professionals, held the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. While different topics are discussed at each session, some topics will evolve organically, so you don't want to miss it! • Career Plug. Finding and hiring the right staff to maintain and grow your business is an important key – and likely your biggest current challenge. This benefit provides an easy-to-use system that automates many of the tedious manual steps of the hiring process. Every UASA member receives a free account that includes a branded careers page, pre-built job templates, and a pre-configured hiring process. • Merchant Cost Consulting. This is a cost reduction firm that specializes in helping businesses reduce their credit card processing fees, without having to switch processors or software. They optimize the pricing structure on each merchant account, then monitor the account statements to ensure the business is never overcharged. NEW in 2023! UASA continues to offer discounts on the Annual Service Training Institute (ASTI), a free Cost of Doing Business calculator, and many other benefits. To learn more, check our website at, or call (800) 683-2558. IN CELEBRATION OF ITS 30TH ANNIVERSARY, UASA OFFERS NEW BENEFITS TO MEMBERS Sarah Brown Executive Director United Appliance Servicers Association S E R V I C E D E P A R T M E N T RO

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