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Karen McGeorge Sanders, a Montana native, is happy to be back. She has published over 200 articles, because she is curious, enjoys learning and too cheap to pay for more school. When families are given orders to transfer, most possessions can be moved, but a child's goldfish is oen impossible to take. Killing a child's pet is something no parent wishes to do, so desperate parents were releasing goldfish into Pow Wow Pond, a base water feature. With goldfish overcrowding the pond, a solution was found by puing bass into the pond to eat the goldfish. e bass are now a fixture and are fed muddler minnows and shrimp as needed to supplement their diet. To keep the bass population in check, the base holds fishing days at the pond for youngsters of Air Force personnel. Because of its long history in the area, Malmstrom has some materials that are now considered not environmentally friendly. e Natural Resource Team consults with experts on best practices for methods to reduce, reuse, recycle, or dispose of these materials. Change is inevitable with any property. Malmstrom AFB will be switching from the Minuteman to the Sentinel System. e 1,400 miles of lines connecting the base and missile sites will need to be changed, which may inconvenience landowners if the base has a right of way across their property. e Natural Resources Team will be involved with this activity, helping to return property owners' land temporarily affected to its natural state. e preservation of Montana's natural beauty is the focus of the 341st Civil Engineer Squadron Natural Resources Team as they strive to keep Malmstrom a welcome neighbor to all of us. As team leader Lucas admits, "It isn't so much a job as a calling." S MT SIGNATURE MONTANA | 49 In 2021 the multi-disciplinary team consisting of Leo Semana, Tony Lucas, Roberta Anderson, Cody Koontz, Candace Ellsworth, and Don Delorme won the Thomas D. White award for best natural resources conservation team. Restocking fish at Pow Wow Pond to keep the anglers happy. MM-008_SigMtAd_3.375x4.305.indd 1 8/25/22 7:51 AM

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