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KITCHEN FROMTHE SIGNATURE MONTANA | 75 Move over Gordon Ramsay, this self-proclaimed foodie is knocking the socks off family members, friends, and a whole slew of Facebook followers. Whether it's taking on a complex recipe, recreating a restaurant favorite, or learning a new cooking technique, Kevin Kofod's culinary talents are on par with those of a professional chef. By day, Kofod works a professional eight-to-five job, but off the clock, he's a professed 'food show junkie' and home kitchen master cook. Kevin's passion for food ignited when he was eye level with the knobs on the family stove. With the assistance of a stepping stool and a keen sense of taste, and a fridge full of ingredients to choose from, his culinarian journey began. Kofod travels, studies, and absorbs everything food. He has worked alongside professional chefs, picking up invaluable tips, and while he has no institutional culinary training, he believes anyone can learn technique, but some, including himself, are born with taste. Like a musician who hears the music when looking at the notes on a page, a true culinarian can taste and smell the food before any prepping begins. That sense of taste is what separates the ordinary from the extraordinary in the kitchen. Pull up a chair, grab your napkin, and dig into Kevin's dinner for four. Your taste buds will thank you later. Recipes by Kevin Kofod | Photography by Crystal Gillen For the OF Love FOOD Let Taste Be Your Guide

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