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SIGNATURE MONTANA | 87 TO YOUR HEALTH 523 9th St S | Great Falls, MT 406.727.9160 Mention this ad and get 10% OFF your OptiLight treatment or a complete set of glasses. Book a Consultation Today A Bright Solution For DRY EYES Oer valid one time, exclusions apply. Ocular hygiene can be as simple as blinking. Typically, people blink 20 to 25 times per minute. However, when intensely focused on a project, book, TV show, or computer screen, people tend to blink less oen -- sometimes as few as four to five times per minute. is is significantly lower than the optimal blinking rate eyes require to function effectively. If persistently blinking less than necessary, it can compound into eye strain or dry eye. For more information on dry eye or to schedule an appointment, contact Treasure State Eyecare in Great Falls. 406-727-9160 Dr. Justine Redlin, co-owner of Treasure State Eye Care. Residency trained in ocular disease management. Specializing in dry eye disease, comprehensive vision care, contact lens fittings and surgery co-management. S MT Blinking Basics If you find that insufficient blinking is causing eye problems, especially during periods of concentration, try making a conscious effort to blink more oen. With enough practice, you can train your eyes to blink more frequently. Start simply: whenever you're thinking or performing a task that doesn't require your vision, take a break and blink. Set reminders to do blinking exercises every 20 minutes until you get into the habit. A simple exercise to refresh your eyes is to close them, pause briefly, squeeze your eyelids, and then open them again. is will release the oil onto the surface of your eyes. Blue light protective lenses can also help keep you blinking more regularly when working on a screen. ese simple practices added to your routine can help improve how your eyes feel and keep them healthy to ward off the possibility of dry eye disease in the future. Compounding Specialist • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement erapy • Sports Management • Pain Management • Pediatric • Hospice • Veterinary 2828 10th Ave S. Great Falls 8am-5:30pm M-F • 216-3102 25 Years of Compounding Experience 25 Years of Compounding Experience Compliance and Long Term Care Packaging Delivery/Mail Services Family Owned & Operated Since 1999.

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