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nce again, we are at the threshold, knocking on spring's door. Living in Montana most of my life, it's easy to predict that the long-range forecast will be chilly, with the occasional blizzard blanketing the sprouting tulips with snow and confusing the heck out of budding trees. You'd think I would be used to it by now. Still, I'm surprised when it happens. Seriously, aer nearly eight months of winter, it's time for the seasonal squaer to pack up and not let spring hit it on the tail end as it exits. While we wait patiently for that pivotal warmer that catapults us into the true depths of spring, we transition into another issue of Signature MT Magazine. I am always amazed at how each one comes together. Aside from our talented team of writers, photographers, and designers, there is no overarching theme or thread connecting one story to another. It's all kinds of hodgepodge that blossoms into beautiful content when complete. I receive multiple pitches over the course of a year. I keep each of them and carefully assign them to appropriate issues where they mix and mingle and later blend into a harmonious whole that strikes the perfect seasonal note. ere is a stockpile of riches when it comes to compelling regional stories --I could fill two dozen magazines a year and still have multiple topics le over. is issue, like every other, lacks a common theme, but as I peruse the final pages, I see it; it's the incredible diversity of people and places that make up our beautiful state. It's also a reminder of why we do what we do –why we share stories like these in every issue --and how inspiring it is to live among so many cool and interesting people. Let's dive right in… His philosophical tenets and structural innovation have peppered the Montana landscape with diverse architectural styles, from custom luxury homes and ranches to resorts and commercial structures. Noted architect Van Bryan shares the challenges of building a striking three-level, 4,200-square-foot industrial-style home that sits on an overall footprint of less than 2,000 square feet. Kevin Kofod's love affair with food began at a young age when his mother added cooking to the family chore list. While he may not be classically trained in the culinary field, he has spent decades learning techniques that have taken his cooking to a pro level. We popped in for a bite, and let's just say he had us at first smell! Check out some of his favorite recipes in our "From the Kitchen" section. Outdoor adventurer orin Loeks shares his arduous 500-mile upstream canoe paddle on the Columbia and Snake Rivers, followed by a 750- mile bicycle portage over the Rockies to the headwaters of the Missouri River in Montana, only to resume paddling another 200 miles, landing him smack dab in the Electric City. We have packed much more into our Spring 2023 issue --a celebration of diversity, and while it's just a fraction of the impressive people who call Montana home, we'll be back with our summer issue with more stories just like these. In the meantime, please check out the businesses that support Signature Montana –stop in and say "hi" and remember to shop locally; they depend on it. Now, get outside and grab some rays while you immerse yourself in this issue. God's blessings to all! 10 | SIGNATURE MONTANA SIGNATURE MONTANA | EDITOR'S LETTER Hayley Lenington-Leray, Editor O

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