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Q2 2023

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8 Covetrus | ph: 855.724.3461 | fx: 888.329.3861 | Lyme Disease Should your patients receive a Lyme vaccine? In many areas of the country, answering this question may seem anything but straightforward. We want to make risk assessments based on an honest appraisal of the pet's lifestyle; however, clients do not always think to report every relevant detail. Assessing a dog's risk factors for Bordetella can be relatively straightforward. Is the dog in contact with other dogs, at a boarding facility, groomer, dog park, or during neighborhood socialization time? If so, the dog needs a Bordetella vaccine. Evaluating a dog's risk of Lyme disease, however, can be more challenging. Assessing the risk By Cathy Barnette, DVM Dr. Barnette is a paid Consultant for Covetrus ® Vector-Borne D I S E A S E S PREVENT DIAGNOSE TREAT

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