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26 Reliable Plant Anniversary Edition | www . LEADERSHIP First Seen in Reliable Plant Digital Magazine, January 2023 Tom Moriarty | Author Change is often required to increase business perfor- mance. Leaders must assess the circumstances and determine which opportunities are most important and define their responses accordingly. Defining the response is done by applying various analysis tools, such as: • Root Cause Analysis • Failure modes • Lean principles • Six Sigma Ultimately, leaders want to establish the right culture; to achieve this, leaders must define and guide the right behaviors to form appropriate habits. For leaders to successfully define and guide the right behaviors, they need two things: accountability and leadership capa- bilities. Accountability provides direction and requirements. Direction includes the mission, vision, values and objectives of the facility. Requirements include assessing, defining, authorizing and implementing guides and enabling the right behaviors. Leadership capabilities are needed to guide behavior. e elements of leadership capability include the leader, leadership roles, attributes, skills, influence, goal setting and sources of power. Creating The Right Culture Culture is a set of rules or standards that produce a desired behavior. To create the right culture, we must define what the right behaviors are and actively work to enable them. e easiest part is defining and enabling the right behaviors. is is done by: 1. Identifying best-practice. 2. Assessing current behaviors. 3. Identifying gaps between best-prac- tice and current behaviors. 4. Providing resources and training. e difficult part is achieving consistent behaviors and driving those behaviors to become common practice, which creates habits. This is done by guiding the right behaviors. Guiding the right behaviors requires productive leadership, which revolves around accountability and leadership capability. The senior leader is accountable for assessing the strengths, weaknesses, opportu- nities and threats (SWOT). ey must define responses to their SWOT findings by autho- rizing new or modified guides and effectively implementing the changes. HABITS ARE CRITICAL TO PERPETUATING CHANGE A N N I V E R S A R Y E D I T I O N

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