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28 Reliable Plant Anniversary Edition | www . LUBRICANT SELECTION First Seen in Reliable Plant Digital Magazine, March 2023 Jeff Walkup | Fluid Life Many times, in the world of tribology and equipment lubri- cation, we use the illustration of "anything a doctor can do with blood, we as maintenance and engineering professionals can do with various kinds of lubrication." We proactively undergo examinations and diagnostic testing, and when the results aren't what we were hoping for, we move Heaven and Earth to do anything we can to preserve our health and save our lives. What about high- dollar, mission-critical equipment and machines that are the heart of a business? Do we do the same for the equipment we are entrusted with? EQUIPMENT HEALTH DIAG- NOSTICS VS. HUMAN HEALTH DIAGNOSTICS In the high-dollar engineering and main- tenance world, professionals must act with deliberate and intentional purpose, or the outcome is nothing more than putting out fires and maintaining business as usual. Moving from a diagnostic approach to a prognostic approach requires combining the technology data with a solid understa nding and commitment to basic maintenance fundamentals and traditional oil analyses. THREE STAGES OF RESPONSE After you receive the results from an oil anal- ysis test, there are three response stages. Stage 1: Interpretation • Ask questions about the results. • Gain knowledge of the situation. • Find an additional perspective. Stage 2: Decision • Weigh your options and make a call. Stage 3: Action • Monitor more closely. • Perform an inspection. • Perform the repair. • Change the PM interval. RISK MANAGEMENT COMPARING EQUIPMENT HEALTH WITH HUMAN HEALTH Scan QR code to read full, original article. A N N I V E R S A R Y E D I T I O N

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