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Reliable Plant Anniversary Edition | www . 29 OBJECTIVES FOR CONSIDERATION When it comes to setting out on a course of action for equipment maintenance, there are some considerations to keep in mind: 1. Focus on the long game. You and your team must live a mindset of continuous improvement by making conscious changes each day that create progress. 2. Correct course as soon as possible. It's important to get back on course as quickly as possible to limit potential downstream effects. 3. You have a team to support you. Empower your team and let them have a part in not only the learning but in the success that will come. 4. You are in charge of the data. If you do not take charge of your data, all you have is white noise, an unfocused team and a demor- alizing dashboard full of yellow and red alerts. 5. If not me, then who? If you see a need, take charge. Lead by example and take accountability. 6. When faced with unwelcome news, press in. Parts will always have lubrication-related failures, and the best way to speak for our machines is by having a well-informed oil analysis program. Remember, our machines have no voice — they only have you as their advocate, so speak wisely. Backed by Noria Corporation's trusted expertise, RelaWorks offers a comprehensive selection of reliability products – in one convenient online location – and at competitive pricing. Shopping at its best! Eliminate lengthy research, expensive over-buying, under-buying and buying products that will not perform to your expectations or goals. Visit today and start buying the RelaWorks way! A S M A R T E R W A Y T O B U Y WWW.RELAWORKS.COM | 918-392-5058

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