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4 | Machinery Lubrication Anniversary Edition | www . COVER STORY - LUBRICANT SELECTION B lue Buffalo, now a brand within the General Mills family, first opened the doors of its 450,000 square-foot Richmond, Indiana plant in June 2019. Management knew that for the plant to be competitive, they needed a strong reliability culture and a focus on proac- tive maintenance and lubrication. On the culture side, Blue Buffalo had it covered. Plant leadership sat down with the first group of 60 newly-hired "Buffs" and talked about the type of plant and workplace they wanted to create. Together, they devel- oped a very straightforward but powerful policy called the "N.A. Policy." "N.A. stands for no a**holes," said Megan Johnson, Plant Manager. "At Blue, we have very few policies, but we passionately live our values and fiercely protect our N.A. policy. When you keep the problem children out, you don't have to make an encyclopedia of policies to address them." Megan has 11 years of experience at the General Mills brand, and Blue Buffalo Rich- mond is the third plant she has managed for the organization. She says that the plant was designed with reliability in mind from the beginning, thanks in large part to a previous plant manager who understood the importance of proactive maintenance and lubrication in today's market. Bennett Fitch | Noria Corporation HOW TO BUILD AN AWARD-WINNING LUBRICATION PROGRAM COVER STORY A NORIA CASE STUDY

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