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Page 47 of 60 | Machinery Lubrication Anniversary Edition | 11 ML components, AI could help determine the appro- priate frequency and lubricant to use for each unique application. In inspections, AI could interpret the results or identify subtle changes in a machine's condition that might have been overlooked. However, human inspectors would still be necessary due to their ability to perceive peripheral details. For change-outs, AI could automate the selection process by considering various variables, such as pricing, availability, and specifications. Regarding lube room duties, AI could handle the procurement of lubricants by reviewing usage history, current volumes, and future maintenance plans. In the area of lubricant sampling, AI could provide valuable insights by analyzing larger sets of data and identifying potential issues or trends more easily than a human observer. While AI adoption is on the rise, its full impact is yet to be realized. e successful implementation of AI will require a cultural shift within facilities, and data integration will be crucial for meaningful recommendations and contributions. Despite the potential challenges, AI is expected to have a significant impact on oper- ations, maintenance, and reliability in various industries. e hope is that this technology can contribute to driving reliability in everyday prac- tices. In the meantime, AI continues to be used for more lighthearted purposes such as writing songs and jokes. ML

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