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12 | Machinery Lubrication Anniversary Edition | www . "In Formula One™ racing, a team's profitability largely hinges on the reliability of their race cars. " Scan QR code to read full, original article. CONTAMINATION CONTROL POD RACING Fluid Monitoring in Formula One™ In the world of fluid contamination control, Reynolds C o n t a m i n a t i o n Control (RCC) has developed an advanced system of monitoring and flushing that delivers enhanced results for clients in various sectors such as mining, fuel supply, and, notably, Formula One™ racing. eir custom-developed system, known as e Link, offers real-time fluid condition monitoring that caters to the unique demands of Formula One™ racing teams who seek abso - lute performance and reliability. In Formula One™ racing, a team's profitability largely hinges on the reliability of their race cars. A single malfunction can lead to significant financial losses, with a difference of a tenth of a second potentially costing a team $10 million or more in earnings. e sport's high-per - formance cars, powered by a hybrid Power Unit, rely heavily on optimal fluid control, especially for lithium-ion batteries, which must work under extreme conditions and varying environments. A significant challenge encoun- tered by one Formula One™ team was a persistent fluid contamination issue that affected the performance of their car. is led to prolonged and ineffective flushing and filtering of the system. To combat this issue, the team approached RCC for a solution. RCC's mobile monitoring and f lushing rig, equipped with 23 different sensors, was the perfect answer. e system could monitor and clean the temperature control f luid while providing detailed data, reducing the flushing time from over two hours to an average of 24 minutes. In a sport where time is paramount, this was a crucial victory. Nevertheless, despite the speed and accuracy offered by the online monitoring system, Wayne Hubball, Technical Director at RCC, under- scores the importance of verification through traditional sampling and lab testing. RCC installed a Luneta Condition Monitoring Pod (CMP) on the flushing rig's reservoir to facilitate this. is device simplified the process of visually inspecting the fluid and taking clean samples, thereby va lidating the onsite analysis results. Ultimately, even in the fast- paced environment of Formula One™, RCC's combination of high- tech monitoring systems and the reliability of lab tests underline the vital role both play in maintaining optimal vehicle performance. RCC's name pays homage to the hero of hydrodynamics, Osborne Reynolds, who defined the Reynolds number as a key factor in deter- mining the efficiency of f lushing tasks. is unique blend of cutting- edge technology and time-tested methods makes RCC's approach efficient and reliable, catering to the demanding requirements of sectors from mining to the high-stakes world of Formula One™ racing. ML First Seen in Machinery Lubrication, August 2022 Noria Media A N N I V E R S A R Y E D I T I O N

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