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September 2023

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM SEPTEMBER 2023 20 NEW AIRMADA AIRJET SHOWER DRYING SYSTEM Airmada's revolutionary AirJet Shower Drying System is a must-have for those who want to do away with the squeegee and harsh chemical sprays and enjoy a nearly maintenance-free shower experience. Beautifully designed and available in seven finishes, Airmada's AirJet Shower Drying System uses a series of air-jet brass nozzles, set flush to the ceiling or walls of your shower space, to rid the area of dampness. Airmada's AirJet Shower Drying System significantly reduces drying time and promotes a healthier bathroom environment by reducing mold and mildew while preserving grout and tile for the long term. AIRMADA AIRPOCKET DOOR Airmada's AirJet technology also allows for the revolutionary new AirPocket Door, a slide-in door that replaces the traditional swinging shower door, thereby freeing up space in your bathroom. Airmada's AirPocket door allows you to turn your shower into a combination walk-in shower/steam shower, as the door can create a full shower seal. The stainless-steel Airmada door pocket incorporates Airmada's AirJet technology that dries the door and pocket in minutes. Visit for more information. MIDEA TAKES COOKING TO THE NEXT LEVEL WITH NEW TWO-ZONE AIR FRYER OVEN Expanding Its kitchen portfolio, Midea's new air fryer oven offers convenient features and innovative design within a smaller footprint As day-to-day responsibilities pile up, people tend to find less and less time to cook. Putting together a well-balanced meal can mean using several appliances, and excess time spent preparing. According to a Mintel consumer survey*, 21% of consumers intend to purchase an air fryer in the next 12 months. While traditional air fryers are convenient, most are only capable of cooking one dish at a time, and larger dual-basket models are often bulky and oversized. "One of the core goals of Midea as a brand is to improve lives with everyday innovations through our products," said Kurt Jovais, president of Midea America Corp. "Mealtimes should be an opportunity to take a reprieve from day-to-day tasks, but cooking can often feel like yet another job on the to-do list. With our new air fryer oven, we've set out to make quality home cooking a seamless and easy part of the day." TWO-ZONE COOKING & SYNC FINISH The Midea 11QT Two-Zone Air Fryer Oven offers the capability to prepare two fully independent meals, or a meal and a side dish, simultaneously. The top portion of the 11QT Two-Zone Air Fryer Oven has a 6QT air frying basket while the bottom portion is a 5QT traditional toaster oven. When making an entire meal in both cooking areas at the same time, the Sync Finish feature will automatically align the cooking times of both zones so all food is finished at precisely the same time. No matter the settings, time, or temperature required, this feature is designed to make cooking separate dishes, convenient and seamless. I N D U S T R Y [ N E W S ]

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