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S MT Heather Bode is an educator and freelance writer. Over the past two decades, she's published articles, curricular materials, and books for the educational market. In addition, she enjoys covering stories about Montana's great citizens. don't speak like a cheerleader. I follow that quickly with 'Good down.' Within 24 hours, the dog thinks, 'Oh, this is a down!' When your dog comes, don't say, 'Good dog.' Say 'Good come.'" Dogs associate quickly and learn what responses make owners happy. Pressure on and pressure off are related to correcting behavior. is is very different than learning a skill. For example, learning to read is a skill. We teach children the leer names, then leer sounds. We teach them to string the sounds together to make words. It is very methodical and necessary. However, if the same child darts into the street, we grab the child and scream their name. ere isn't a lengthy explanation. It's dangerous. is is PRESSURE. "ere is shock value in pressure," says Overfield, "People say that causes stress. Well, stress is nature's test. Did you learn from it? Will you remember it? With behaviors, I start at 100 and work my way down. e first time a dog does something wrong, I am shockingly big! is makes the dog go, 'Oh no!' But as the dog begins to work with me, I start backing off on pressure. Eventually, it might be a look, a clearing of my throat, or saying the dog's name." Overfield says many people start at zero and work their way up. is encourages dogs to repeat the behavior. It becomes confusing for the dog and frustrating for the owner. Owners oen become concerned about socialization for their dogs. Overfield says they don't need it. Dogs are aware of each other. ey see each other. ey smell each other. Instead, concentrate on laying down a few simple rules. Expect dogs to learn them. Expect dogs to function and think before they do something. e rest of the time, let them be dogs. Overfield says, "People say, 'I want my dog to love me.' Well, first, they must trust you. en they will respect you. Only THEN can they love you." Overfield does public and private clinics. She also does private consultations in and out-of-state. "My guarantee is that I won't drop clients. If they need more help, they can call, email, or video call. It's rare, but there are occasional questions." SIGNATURE MONTANA | 69 406.761.4900 3900 10th Ave. South, Great Falls, MT 59405 • * Excludes as-is vehicles. See dealer for complete details. • Complementary 10 year/200,000-Mile Powertrain Warranty * • 3-Day Money Back Guarantee * • 30-Day Exchange Policy * • Upfront Pricing WHY BUY A PRE-OWNED VEHICLE ANY OTHER WAY? • Non-Commission Product Specialists Eric Hinebauch Oce: 406.453.8413 300 River Drive North • Suite 3 Great Falls, MT 59401 Cell: 406.690.6699 AGENT Email: Insuring Your Future. FARM CROP HAIL BUSINESS COMMERCIAL HOME AUTO

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