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here is always something refreshing about fall, and aer a brief spell of mercury-spiking temperatures, it's a blessing when autumn steps in and redecorates all of our favorite places in a completely new color palee. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, perhaps because it's the most civilized of the four. e wind may be a nuisance, but violent storms are a rarity, and the gray of winter has yet to arrive. e mornings are crisp, and the days are shorter, compressed like an accordion. e crowds dissipate, and families transition from summer's semi-unplugged and disconnected feeling back to adulting. Who invented that, anyway? Yes, autumn brings a jolt back to reality. ank goodness this season offers such stunning foliage, mild weather, pumpkin-spiced everything to help transition, and two words: sweater weather. is is the perfect time of year when you can snuggle up in a cozy sweater without the hassle of a bulky jacket. For centuries, the arrival of fall has been celebrated with the growing season culminating in a full cornucopia, a good sign of the bounty of harvest. Fall cuisine is a category all its own when apples, pears, squash, and sweet potatoes become a mealtime staple. Whether you are geing outdoorsy picking apples and pumpkins or noshing on seasonal favorites, your taste buds can't help but love the flavors of fall. In this issue, we introduce you to two on-the-go professionals who love to entertain friends and family. Grab a seat at the table and indulge as Eric and Renee Vincent share a handful of recipes collected throughout their life's travels locally and abroad. We head to the shores of Flathead Lake, where leather artist Lance Boen draws inspiration from the breathtaking views of the Mission Mountains, guarded fishing holes, and numerous outdoor adventures. Boen's work has garnered an international following for his exquisite leather fish sculpture. Still, he keeps fishing, water, and art at the center of his world. He can always "go fish" out on a sparkling stream, a fast-flowing river, a nearby lake – or in his studio, where those experiences are recreated through the intricate tooled, painted, and sculpted leather pieces. We head to Vaughn, where gymnastics and horseback riding combine into the wide-world sport of equestrian vaulting. If you think tumbling on mats is difficult, try it on the back of a cantering horse. e University of Providence celebrates 90 years of accomplishments while looking ahead to the challenges of tomorrow. Although no Sisters physically remain on campus, it continues to exemplify the intrinsic ecumenical intent following the tenets set forth by its founding Sisters of Providence. We get behind the trigger with a group of new shooters and discover why training and education are key to being a responsible and knowledgeable firearm owner. We glance back at Montana's red-light landscape and uncover the architectural footprints of a clandestine past. is is, of course, a sampling of the stories that await you in the fall issue. So, layer on the comfy clothes, grab a cup of Joe, a slice of cinnamon-spiced pumpkin bread, and enjoy another fabulous issue of Signature MT magazine. 10 | SIGNATURE MONTANA SIGNATURE MONTANA | EDITOR'S LETTER Hayley Lenington-Leray, Editor T

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