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November 2023

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM NOVEMBER 2023 16 FOTILE LAUNCHES NEW BUILT IN COMBI OVEN An all-new launch from FOTILE, a global leader in creating high-end kitchen appliances for the modern kitchen, debuted the Built-In Combi-Oven Elevating the cooking experience to a whole new level, this state-of-the-art appliance seamlessly combines the function- alities of a conventional oven, microwave, and steam oven, built into a single unit and featuring: • Uniform Temperature for Accurate Cooking. Featuring five heating tubes, a platinum-alloy temperature sensor, and a 3D hot-air circulation system, the combi-oven allows consumers to enjoy consistent temperatures and faster cooking. • 10 Preset Cooking Modes for Ease of Use. With 10 preset modes, consumers can enjoy the convenience of baking, grilling, proofing, defrosting, and much more. • Professional Grade Glass Door. Two layers of Low-E Glass and a layer of Tempered Glass allow the combi- oven to retain a consistent temperature without loss or transfer of heat. The Built-In Combi-Oven is available now starting at $1,849 at NOVEMBER INDUSTRY [ N E W S ]

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