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68 | SIGNATURE MONTANA Start, where he could get a jump on learning and give Cody a needed break. And when he was in dire straits – Toby's House was there for emergency childcare. Cody remembers a different time and place when he was growing up. He was born in Bue and grew up in Billings. He says, "I had a good childhood. My dad was a grocery store manager, and my mom didn't have to work. I had an older sister with a second-mom aitude, and we lived in our own house in a safe neighborhood." Cody and Keri struggle financially, even with multiple jobs. Ghosts from the past follow them into their daily life. Injuries, from a fall when he was a kid, resulted in Cody's struggle with the dependence and side effects caused by pain medications. Cody says, "Keri didn't have the best upbringing and was struggling with her mental health." In 2020, they spent time at the Cameron Center, where the program concentrates on recovery along with job, parenting, financial, and life skills. Photo by: Sage DuBois Photo by: Sage DuBois Photo by: Sage DuBois Cody says son Liam loves Toby's House, displayed by his big smile. Leia playfully looks through a block tower at Toby's House. Keri enjoys a cuddle with their new baby girl Mitzi, named after Cody's grandmother.

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