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SIGNATURE MONTANA | 69 Cody is in a beer place now. He welcomed a baby girl in August – and named her Mitzi, aer his mom. He says, "She is my wonder." For Cody, she represents the circle of life. Cody says Toby's House is like an extended family, and sometimes he just calls for advice. He has become an advocate for Toby's House when he meets a frazzled mom who might need something as basic as a nap. Cody says, "It's a life-changing service." e hard reality is that it can also be a life-saving service. Zeak says there is a high incidence of child neglect in Cascade County. ere were 10 children who died of abuse from 2008-2019. e most recent death occurred in 2023 when a mother killed her infant and injured her toddler. Zeak says, "I can't help but wonder if there could have been a different outcome if she would have reached out. We can't look into the future, so prevention is hard to measure, but there is no doubt in my mind that we have saved children's lives." To learn more about Toby's House, to make a donation, or to serve as a volunteer, call 406-770-3191, email , or visit hps:// Kay Bjork is headquartered on Swan Lake where she and her husband have launched on a multitude of Montana adventures. S MT 901 River Dr N | 1801 11th Ave S | 901 Central Ave | Great Falls DRINK COFFEE GET REWARDS Toby's House helped them as they transitioned into their own place. Cody's mom lived nearby and helped when she could, and he told his mom about the help Toby's House gave him. Cody says, "My dad died when I was nine, and my mom said that she could have used a place like Toby's House. I was a wild child and couldn't sit still." Last year, Cody faced a new set of challenges when his mother became ill, and he faced an unplanned pregnancy when birth control failed. "When my mom died, it pushed me to the edge. Toby's House was there for me." Photo by: Eric Visocan Toby's House provides a home away from home for parents who need help.

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