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February 2024

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM FEBRUARY 2024 28 H CK, the Finnish brand with over 50 years of experience, brings you the highest industry standards, from commercial refrigeration to household appliances. Our cooling devices deliver every drink at its ideal temperature for maximum enjoyment. HCK's outstanding design becomes the centerpiece of any environment, from the kitchen to the living room, office, or outdoors. THE 50+ YEAR NORDIC BRAND Cooling the world's favorite beverages HCK was founded in Finland in 1971 by Geoff Thomasson to provide cooling solutions for giants that include Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Heineken, Jack Daniels, Moet, and many others. HCK meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. With rigorous testing under demanding conditions, our fridges deliver unmatched performance. ELEVATING YOUR EXPERIENCE The right temperature If you are a wine lover, you know that for optimum taste it's important to drink wine at the right temperature. Most red wines are better enjoyed slightly cooler than room temperature, between 62-68F (15-20C), while white wines should be served slightly warmer than fridge temperature, between 49-55F (7-12C). The same is true for all types of drinks – not just wines. American stouts should be served at 50-55F, whereas you can drink American pale ales a bit cooler, from 45-55F. A Jägermeister shot is best at 0F, and most sodas recommend 32-34F. After 50-plus years making fridges for various types of drink companies, HCK has become the absolute refrigeration expert. Excellence is woven into every HCK product, through an array of cutting-edge technologies. From the highly efficient compressor to triple-glazed doors with anti-UV, and precise temperature and humidity controls, our offerings include anti-vibration systems, quiet operation, anti-bacterial features, and frost-free reliability. FROM COOLING TO A LIFESTYLE Empowering people At HCK, the pursuit of cool is a way of life. It's a feeling that gives you a shot of enthusiasm and excitement and enables you to achieve more. That's why at HCK we live and work with passion to bring the coolest products to your home and daily life. Our Cool Lifestyle embodies our deep passion for refrigeration. We celebrate a fusion of technology and design that elevates everyday living – and we want you to feel the same! It's all about implementing technology beyond refrigeration, to bring the original ideas and outstanding designs that make our products appealing to the eyes and all the senses. With HCK, you'll delight in serving your friends and family with fresh drinks anytime. DISTRIBUTION IN NORTH AMERICA For more information, please contact us via email at: or phone: 855-478-4203. VISIT US AT KBIS 2024 Las Vegas, Feb 27-29, Booth SL4079 HCK - How Cool is That?! M A N U F A C T U R E R [ N O T E S ] HCK: THE ULTIMATE BEVERAGE FRIDGE EXPERT Blending innovative design with the Perfect Chill experience RO

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