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June 2024

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM JUNE 2024 6 Moe Lastfogel Moe's Musings Views Happy Retailing, We proudly support the following trade associations and buying groups throughout North America whose news and information greatly contribute to the quality of The Retail Observer and the education of our readers. THE RETAIL Follow us on: Join us at: Become a Fan: I know it seems like a silly question, but what do you sell? Every day, customers enter your store with a thought in their head of what they want to buy. Whether their inspiration is from the internet, a designer, or a TV show, many are coming to you pre-sold on what they think they want. Do you simply offer what they have on their mind or are you willing to go deeper and find out what they might really want or need? Many salespeople have become complacent and say "Yes" to any sale. "Oh, you want that? Ok, let me ring it up for you." But it takes a bit more psychology, patience, knowledge, and care to really fulfill a customer's dream. Do you ask questions beyond, "Will that be Master Card or Visa?" More importantly, do you listen or not to what they are saying? An interaction between a customer and salesperson might go as follows: Customer: "I'm tired of buying dishwashers every five years - what do you have?" Salesperson: "Well, here's a cheap one if it will help you out." If you are a true salesman, or as I prefer: dream fulfiller, you would see that cost wasn't the issue in the example above, it was the longevity of the unit. So, the answer shouldn't have been a discounted floor model. Stop taking the simple route. Instead take 5 to 10 minutes and ask some questions and get to know your client's truth. If they're just there for price you'll know it quickly enough, but in many cases, they came dto you, the expert in your field, to get sound help and advice. Don't blow that opportunity. WHAT DO YOU SELL?

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