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COMPRESSOR LUBRICANTS Ultrachem's new Chemlube Plus Series line of high-performance synthetic lubricants are formulated for use in a wide variety of rotary-screw and rotary-vane compressors. The lubricants are fully compatible with most rotary-screw compressor oils and can be used to top-off and replace existing fluids. Made with a thermally and oxidatively stable polyolester (POE) blend, the synthetic lubricants offer several performance benefits such as extended drain intervals, reduced oil disposal, wide operating temperature range, anti-wear protection, high flash point and improved safety. The line is available in ISO grades 32, 46 and 68. Ultrachem 302-325-9880 METALWORKING FLUID Blaser Swisslube's Blasomill Uni series of oils are formulated to provide high cutting performance and lubricating properties in metalremoval operations. Blasomill Uni 10 is a low-viscosity oil with low misting/vapor properties and moderate to high flash points for a reduced risk of auto-ignition and smoke formation. Chlorinated paraffin is utilized as an extreme-pressure additive package for cutting performance in medium to heavy-duty machining applications. The oil also offers foam control in high-pressure oil systems. Blaser Swisslube 845-294-3200 BYPASS FILTRATION SYSTEM MICROFILTRATION SYSTEM Vomat's FA series microfiltration systems provide filtration of cooling and cutting oils used in processes such as grinding, honing and lapping. The systems' design incorporates full-stream filtration with on-demand automatic backwash cycles to clean the high-performance filter cartridges for extended service life. When in automatic cycle, this technology not only guarantees a 100-percent separation of dirty and clean oil, but also supplies 3-micronquality clean oil to the equipment. The systems can filter 32 to 126 gallons per minute and are available in different sizes and configurations. The Precision Filtration System (PFS) is an onboard oil-recycling system that works continuously alongside existing full-flow filters by eliminating water and wear particles, resulting in oil life extension, component protection, reduction in environmental impact and cost savings. The PFS removes hard contaminants as small as 1 micron, reducing the chance of wear and the frequency of component failure, while also removing 99 percent of soft particles. The system works with virtually any type of oil, including hydraulic, engine and transmission oils, as well as diesel fuel. Pirtek 847-750-6096 Vomat 847-531-8501 | September - October 2013 17

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