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NOW ON ML Find more great articles and content from Machinery Lubrication magazine online. From Web exclusives and industry news to videos, white papers, buyer's guides and more, everything that relates to machinery lubrication is available now on www. Know the Proper Base Number of Your Oil The base number can be defined as an oil's ability to neutralize acids that are produced during use. As oil is used in service, it becomes contaminated with acids, causing the base number to drop over time. By using oil analysis for your engine oil, you can track the oil's base number and determine how much life is remaining. Read this article on the ML site to learn at what point a base number is considered too low and should trigger an oil change. Density's Role in Lubricant Performance Density plays a critical role in how a lubricant functions as well as how machines perform. Most systems are designed to pump a fluid of a specific density, so as the density begins to change, the efficiency of the pump begins to change as well. Discover the importance of density, how it relates to your equipment and why it is essential for the reliability and health of your machines by reading this article on the ML site. Comparing Lubricants in a Test Machine This video demonstrates the performance of various lubricants in a test station. See what happens when a Timken bearing machine is used to test standard and modified oils under heavy loads. Watch as a bearing is damaged during one of the tests and how performance-enhancing additives can be used to prevent this type of damage from occurring. Access this 13-minute video at www. 48 | September - October 2013 | Oil Flushing Techniques for Converting ​ to Biodegradable Fluids Both new and used oil systems that are undergoing the installation of biodegradable fluids must be thoroughly drained, flushed and cleaned prior to the application of the new oil. If the system is extremely contaminated, the flushing process may cause particles to loosen and pass through components, and scoring damage and stiction (jamming) could result. Find this article on the ML site to understand the advantages of using special flushing oils to thoroughly clean both new and old systems. Cleaning and Repacking Ball Bearings with Lubricant This short video shows how to clean and repack ball bearings with lubricant in order to make them last longer. Watch as dirt is quickly removed and grease is repacked into old bearings so they can be reinstalled. Also, learn how proper repacking of lubricant into bearings can effectively extend their lifespan. Access this 2-minute, 25-second video at Featured White Papers is the place to turn for white papers on a host of lubrication-related topics. Here's a sampling of the latest white papers that are currently available for download: • Hydraulic Particle Counter Sample Preparation • Why Contamination Control is Critical to Equipment Longevity • Continuing Evolution of Food-Grade Lubricants • A New Solution for Used Oil Particle Analysis • Innovative Solutions to Address Lube Varnish in Hydrogen Seals • Is it a Dirt Box or a Gearbox? • Can I Afford Contamination-Monitoring Products? • Training Wheels for Electrical Wave Files Check out the full list of white papers by visiting and clicking on the "White Papers" link.

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