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Machinery Lubrication Nov Dec 2013

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PRODUCT NEWS METALWORKING FLUID The new ArrowCool line of metalworking fluids from Chem Arrow features bio-stability, low foam and high lubricity. The low-foam technology used to formulate the fluids eliminates the need of anti-foam additives. Unlike traditional metalworking fluids that have a service life of approximately 6 months, the new ArrowCool fluids can be used for several years, reducing the costs associated with purchasing replacement fluids and disposing of used coolant. The fluids have also been enhanced to meet the latest environmental restrictions. Chem Arrow 626-358-2255 FOOD-GRADE GREASE Interflon's Food Grease HD00 is a semi-fluid lubricant for industrial gearboxes and machine components using automatic oil and grease lubrication. Based on MicPol technology, the heavy-duty grease is NSF H-1 accredited for use within the food industry and can also be utilized as a solvent-free corrosion inhibitor. The grease is suitable for extreme high-pressure applications, dusty and wet environments, and high temperatures. During field tests, it has shown an improvement in wear protection as well as a reduction in energy consumption. Interflon 877-346-5823 DRAIN PLUG TOOL The Drain Plug Pro is a new tool for easily removing oil drain plugs. By keeping hands and fingers away from possibly hot draining oil, the onesize-fits-all tool makes the oil changing process a more efficient, cleaner and safer operation. It attaches to any steel component, including an oil pan, to hold and keep the drain plug free from contaminants as oil is draining while also serving as a reminder that the drain plug is still out. The tool's integrated magnets allow particles attached to the drain plug to be removed. OTC Tools 800-533-6127 FLUID DISPENSING/METERING PUMP The PDS-100 from Fluid Metering Inc. is a programmable fluid metering and dispensing system that integrates valveless pump technology with precision, programmable drive motor control. The pump head internals are made from chemically resistant, sapphire-hard ceramics, which are ideal for dispensing a broad range of fluids, including silicone lubricants. The PDS-100 is available in both single and dual pump head configurations. The displacement and speed of each pump head can be individually controlled. Duplex configurations can also provide two-channel dispensing, effectively doubling production capacity. Fluid Metering Inc. 800-223-3388 14 November - December 2013 |

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