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Contents 8 COVER STORY Purchasing Lubricants Based on Performance Learn the pros and cons of using a specification system to purchase lubricants, how to launch such a system and make it work, and how to handle exceptions. November-December 2013 2 34 AS I SEE IT OIL ANALYSIS Demand 'Reliability Readiness' from Equipment Builders 6 Ways to Maximize Your Oil Analysis Software Value Reliability should have shared responsibility. It must be fixed in the DNA of the machine as well as in the minds of operators and maintainers. 6 FROM THE FIELD How Lubricant Suppliers Impact Machine Reliability Anatomy of an Oil Analysis Report 16 18 LUBE-TIPS Our readers offer excellent advice on a host of lubrication-related issues, including safety tips for oil storage areas. TURBINE LUBRICATION Hydrodynamic Cleaning and Flushing of Turbine Oil Systems In order to properly interpret an oil analysis report and make sense of all the test data, you must understand a few important principles. CERTIFICATION NEWS World-Class Reliability Starts with a Solid Foundation Technicians are the human foundation of any reliability-improvement program and should be respected and supported in their professional development. 60 HYDRAULICS Discover how the technology of hydrodynamic cleaning and flushing of oil systems can be an effective method of preparing new oil systems and restoring operated oil systems. GREASES Using a Grind Gage for In-Service Grease Analysis A quick and simple field test utilizing a fineness of grind gage can provide immediate results on the overall contamination of grease. More 44 56 LESSONS IN LUBRICATION Plants often don't take into account the effect that the lubricant supplier can have on machine reliability. If left unchecked, the results can be catastrophic. 28 Selecting the proper oil analysis software and maximizing its features can provide a huge payback for the user through reduced machinery maintenance expenses. Become an Expert through Certification Getting certified and holding multiple certifications demonstrates that you take your career seriously and can be the key component to increasing your worth to your employer. 62 BACK PAGE BASICS How to Change Your Lubrication Culture Changing your facility's lubrication culture may take time, patience and commitment, but the rewards will be well worth the effort. Editorial Features Departments 40 GET TO KNOW 52 NOW ON MACHINERYLUBRICATION.COM 14 PRODUCT NEWS 26 PRODUCT SUPERMARKET 32 TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE 42 CROSSWORD PUZZLER 54 BOOKSTORE

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