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BOOK STORE Welcome to Machinery Lubrication's Bookstore, designed to spotlight lubrication-related books. For a complete listing of books of interest to lubrication professionals, check out the Bookstore at Oil Analysis Basics – Second Edition Publisher: Noria Corporation The new second edition includes more detailed information on oil sampling, filtration and contaminant removal, base oils and additives, water-in-oil contamination and removal, ASTM standards, glycol testing, flash point tests, and 14 additional oil analysis tests. Lubrication Fundamentals – Second Edition Authors: D.M. Pirro and A.A. Wessol This newly revised and expanded reference book emphasizes the need for lubrication and careful lubricant selection. Thoroughly updated and rewritten, the second edition of Lubrication Fundamentals discusses product basics, machine elements that require lubrication, methods of application, lubrication, lubricant storage and handling, lubricant conservation and much more. Lubrication Basics for Machinery Operators Training Video Format: DVD Publisher: Noria Corporation Train your team on the basics of lubrication and how to recognize early signs of lubrication-related problems with this convenient video training DVD. Your operators will learn the basics of operator-based lubrication inspections and gain the knowledge to ensure that routine inspections and top-offs are performed with precision and accuracy. Chemistry and Technology of Lubricants – Third Edition Authors: R.M. Mortier, M.F. Fox and S.T. Orszulik This updated and revised third edition describes the chemical components that contribute to the formulation of liquid lubricants and includes a discussion of lubricant technology for specific applications. It is of particular relevance for those in industry who are involved with lubricant additives, formulation and testing, as well as those who are concerned with the use and specification of lubricants. Lubrication Awareness Poster Set Publisher: Noria Corporation This set of five posters effectively uses humorous illustrations and bulleted tips and pointers to communicate critical lubrication advice. Posters included in the set are Home Sweet Home, Keep Our Machines Clean, Overgreasing Doesn't Pay, Use the Correct Oil and Watch Your Aim. Handbook of Lubrication and Tribology – Volume II: Theory and Design – Second Edition Author: Robert W. Bruce Sponsored by the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers, this handbook incorporates up-todate, peer-reviewed information for tackling tribological problems and improving lubricants and tribological systems. It demonstrates how the principles of tribology can address cost savings, energy conservation and environmental protection. For descriptions, complete table of contents and excerpts from these and other lubrication-related books, and to order online, visit: or call 1-800-597-5460, ext. 204. 54 November - December 2013 |

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