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24 March 2014 Tablets & Capsules Issue focus outsourcing Metrics Company offers contract research, for- mulation, development, and manufactur- ing. Specialty services include potent, cytotoxic, and analytical testing services, stability testing, and microbiology. Com- pany also manufactures clinical trial materials (CTMs) for phases I, II, and III and offers validation services. Company has conducted more than 120 first-in- man studies and manufactured more than 700 batches of CTMs in last 5 years. Facility for potent and cytotoxic substances includes Xcelodose micro- dosing system that shortens time to phase I clinical trials. Facility also features dedicated isolation system, with contain- ment at about 30 nanograms per cubic meter of room air; its air handling system brings in 100 percent outside air with HEPA-in/HEPA-out filtering. Metrics, Greenville, NC. Tel. 252 752 3800 Fax 252 758 8522 Soft Gel Technologies Company specializes in softgel encapsu- lation of dietary supplements, such as hyaluronic acid and coenzyme Q10 (pho to). With modern equipment and trained professionals, company manufac- tures branded and custom formulations. Expertise includes handling fragile, difficult-to-absorb, and difficult-to- encapsulate ingredients and making clinical trial materials. Company holds patents on methods that enhance nutri- ent bioavailability, is certified GMP- compliant by NPA and NSF, and accepts high-volume and small jobs. Soft Gel Technologies, Los Angeles, CA. Tel. 800 360 7484 Fax 323 726 7065 Future Pak Company offers blister packaging, verti- cal and horizontal pouching, bottling, and secondary packaging. All barrier films are available, including alu-alu cold- form. Packaging lines use positive-place- ment feeding, vision verification, and inline carton filling. Operations serve pharma and dietary-supplement indus- tries and comply with cGMP; facilities are registered with FDA and DEA (classes III to V). Company also offers high-speed strip packaging, multiple-color inline printing, sample packaging, and niche manufacturing of tablets and capsules. Future Pak, Wixom, MI. Tel. 248 486 0045 Fax 248 486 0886 CoreRx Company provides formulation devel- opment, clinical manufacturing, method development, analytical test- ing, and stability services. It also pro- vides materials for phase I, II, and III tri- als. GMP-complaint manufacturing services include tabletting, encapsula- tion, mixing, particle size analysis, gran- ulation, drying, and coating. Facilities are registered with the FDA and Florida Department of Health, and DEA- approved to handle Schedule II to V products. Company also offers packag- ing services. Photo shows Xcelodose micro-dosing system for filling neat API into capsules and vials. CoreRx, Clearwater, FL. Tel. 727 259 6950 Fax 727 259 6971 f-Focus_24-29_Masters 3/5/14 10:08 AM Page 24

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