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32 March 2014 Tablets & Capsules A survey of what's available Electronic counter-filler EC-12 electronic counter-filler uses 12 photo sensors that scan as many as 9,000 tablets per minute. Sensor tolerance adjusts to detect and reject or to ignore out-of-spec products. Primary feeder automatically adjusts vibration to maintain consistent product flow. Tablet sensor assembly, shutter assembly, and quick-release front and rear feed trays remove without tools. Filler automatically learns tablet size and stores as many as 250 recipes that you access via color touch-screen. Unit fills bottles 1.5 to 10 inches tall. Other features include no-bottle/no-fill sensing, reject verification, and removable dust extraction system. Modular Packaging Systems, Randolph, NJ. Tel. 973 970 9393 Fax 973 970 9388 Electronic counter-filler PP-08 counter uses 16-channel, three-tier vibratory feeder to fill as many as 80 100-count bottles per minute with tablets, capsules, or softgels. Infrared beam and photoelectric sensor ensure accuracy, recognize partial or broken products, and trigger alert if dust or residue clouds sensor's lens. Other sen- sors alert you and/or halt operation when backup occurs or bottle is absent. Unit's controller recognizes product shape to help set operating parameters. Multiple vacuum ports pro- mote clean operation. Tool-free changeover and touch-screen control are standard. PharmaPack-US, Fullerton, CA. Tel. 877 727 2280 Fax 714 526 0300 counters and bottle fillers Double-head counter-filler Sky Softgel Model SMC-527D double-head electronic counter uses algorithm to ensure first bottle at startup and restart is properly filled and not rejected. GMP-compliant counter handles maximum of 12,000 tablets, capsules, or soft- gels or 120 bottles per minute. PLC with touch-screen lets you save specifications for as many as 100 products. Com- pany also offers single-head counters and ancillary equip- ment, including unscramblers, turntables for in-feed to labeler, and turntable at end of line. Service Industries, Rolling Meadows, IL. Tel. 847 392 1652 Fax 847 392 0276 h-CountBotWA_32_Masters 3/5/14 10:11 AM Page 32

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