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U Tablets & Capsules March 2014 33 packaging Management responsibility for a serialization and aggregation system Marcus Pabsch Mettler Toledo PCE The Drug Quality and Security Act was signed into law in November 2013, creating national serialization and track-and- trace regulation. This article summarizes how a well managed approach to serialization and aggregation coding increases the reliability of track-and-trace systems. To ensure your company is on track to establish seamless product coding and inspection to meet serialization and aggregation objectives, managers must be more involved than is commonly thought. Only conversions that are strategically planned and carried out company-wide can overcome the challenges of the new and complex process and thereby win the trust of customers. ntil now, process conversions for product marking barely made an impact on the fundamentals of companies' internal organization. Static product codes, batch num- bers, and expiration dates were easily managed remotely under the control of the local production facility. Thus, the implementation of new marking technologies only affected a small part of the company, predominantly the production or packaging divisions. Today, this is a different matter. Implementing serial- ization and aggregation requires integration of a com- pany's entire value-added chain. In other words, marking is no longer just an issue for a single department. The packaging, packing, and marketing (packaging design) i-Pabschart_33-35_Masters 3/5/14 10:14 AM Page 33

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