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Tablets & Capsules March 2014 37 A survey of what's available Dedusters Company offers a variety of dedusters. Drum-style dedusters with adjustable height fit any tablet press and turn tablets upside-down as they descend to filter discs. Capacities range from 550,000 to 3,000,000 tablets per hour (TPH). Tele- scopic vertical dedusters simultaneously elevate, dedust, and deburr tablets over long path at user-controlled speed. Capac- ities range from 1 to 3.5 million TPH. Horizontal deduster with perforated screen handles as many as 400,000 TPH. Company also offers brush-type dedusters that double as cap- sule polishers, as well as deduster-metal detector combina- tions that comply with 21 CFR Part 11 and include IQ/PQ/OQ documentation. All units are made of stainless steel. Company also offers tablet compression tooling, tablet presses, replacement parts, accessories, and services. Natoli Engineering, St. Charles, MO. Tel. 636 926 8900 Fax 636 926 8910 dedusters Deduster and metal detector KD6015 vertical conveyor-deduster uses gentle vibration to convey tablets in upward spiral along smooth, perforated sur- face. Now available with CEIA metal detector, unit dedusts and inspects as many as 3.5 million tablets per hour, and out- let reaches heights of 250 to 500 millimeters. C820 controller with integral acceleration sensor ensures constant tablet flow independent of load. Inlet rotates 360 degrees; inlet and out- let adjust easily to meet special applications; disassembly and assembly require no tools. Compact unit operates quietly, and housing is vibration-free. Company also offers dedusters that convey higher and faster and that offer high containment. Kraemer US, Allendale, NJ. Tel. 201 962 8200 Fax 201 962 8197 j-DedustersWA_36-37_Masters 3/5/14 10:21 AM Page 37

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