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Tooling coating PharmaCote CX and CX+ enhanced chromium nitride coat- ings prolong service life of punches and dies by improving wear resistance; they also resist corrosion as much as 13 times better than company's hard chromium and chromium nitride coatings. Multi-layer application of coatings yields very smooth, 6- to 8-micron-thick anti-stick surface, which is easy to clean and maintain via ultrasonic bath and automated pol- ishing. CX+ coating offers additional anti-stick properties. I Holland, Nottingham, UK. Tel: +44 115 972 6153 Fax +44 115 973 1789 industry innovations R&D fluid-bed processor Quest-FB tabletop fluid-bed processor provides granulation and coats pellets and other particles. Plug-and-play unit shares many features of production models, speeding feasi- bility studies and scale-up. Features include PLC with touch- screen, printer port for data output, and easy-to-clean mod- ular design. It processes batches of 175 grams to 1.5 kilograms and particles of 150 microns to several millimeters, enabling you to conserve valuable and limited-quantity APIs. Vessel accepts top and bottom spray assemblies, providing working volumes of 3 liters (top) and 1.5 liters (bottom). ACG North America, South Plainfield, NJ. Tel. 908 757 3425 Fax 908 757 3287 Direct-compression HPMC Benecel DC direct-compression hypromellose (HPMC) con- trolled-release matrix eliminates wet granulation and other process steps, saving time and money. Excipient offers good flow characteristics and compressibility properties, as well as good content uniformity and controlled-release functionality. It offers twofold improvement in flow rate compared to other direct-compression HPMCs due to its low inter-particle cohesion and higher bulk density. Excipient's release profiles are similar to those of HPMCs used in wet granulations, allowing drop-in replacement. Ashland, Wilmington, DE. Tel. 877 546 2782 Fax 302 992 7507 46 March 2014 Tablets & Capsules Two-in-one dissolution tester Disso III-7 dissolution tester combines USP apparatuses 3 and 7 in one unit. Caps prevent media evaporation and maintain uniform environment during tests of sustained-release prod- ucts using apparatus 3. Central dipping arm keeps all sample shafts perpendicular to outer tubes. By using separate dip racks and tube carriers, you can run both USP testing meth- ods; all other parts are interchangeable. Testing can be auto- mated with DSC-37 system controller, SYR-8L-10ml syringe pump, and SCT-240L sample collector. Logan Instruments, Somerset, NJ. Tel. 732 302 9888 Fax 732 302 9898 m-IndInnovBN_46-47_Masters 3/5/14 10:36 AM Page 46

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