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Wurster coating Company uses Wurster fluid-bed coating (micro-encapsulation) to apply films to powders, granules, and crystals ranging in diameters from 20 microns to several cen- timeters. Process evaporates organic solvent or aqueous vehicle as coating deposits. Fluid-bed process has greater drying capacity than other methods due to high vol- ume of fluidizing air that circulates particles and evaporates coating vehicle. Higher drying capacity translates into more efficient film application. Applications include hydrophilic coating of hydrophobic cores and water-based coating of water-soluble cores. Company optimizes film properties and/or product performance by changing coating formulation, processing conditions, or applying multiple layers. Process can also apply hot-melt coatings, such as wax. Other services include feasibility studies, formulation development, analytical lab support, process validation, scale-up, and technology transfer. The Coating Place, Verona, WI. Tel. 608 845 9521 Fax 608 845 9526 20 April 2014 Tablets & Capsules Issue focus coating Film coatings Ready-made functional and non-func- tional film coatings come in a variety of colors for use with tablets, granules, pel- lets, and capsules. Homogenous pow- der mixtures allow rapid reconstitution for fast application. Company offers custom formulation; assistance in devel- opment, optimization, and production; and provides documentation and on- site technical support. Company has ExciPact, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certification. Other products include sugar coatings, sugar-free isomalt coat- ings, and tablet excipients such as binders, release modifiers, and diluents. Biogrund, Sterling, VA. Tel. 312 286 0578 Vegetarian organic coating Opadry NutraPure USDA-certified organic coating adds clear, high-gloss finish to tablets and makes them easier to swallow. Made with non-GMO, plant-based ingre- dients with no soy or corn, coating provides natural, consumer-friendly alternative to shellac-based food glazes. Developed for nutritional-supplement industry, coating is allergen-free and certified kosher. Coating also reduces dusting and makes tablets flow better to ease handling and packaging. Typical solids content is 12 percent but can be adjusted to suit your formulation and equipment. Colorcon, Harleysville, PA. Tel. 215 699 7733 Fax 215 661 2626 d-Focus_20-25_Masters 4/7/14 10:18 AM Page 20

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