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30 April 2014 Tablets & Capsules A survey of what's available Loop tack adhesion tester TA-LTT loop tack tester for use with company's CT3 texture analyzer measures adhesive strength or "stickiness" of vis- coelastic materials such as label glue and other pressure- sensitive adhesives used in packaging. Sample is adhered to slide placed in bottom fixture; top of sample is gripped by upper clamp, and CT3 tester applies tension, measuring force required to break adhesive bond. Unit operates in compres- sion or tension modes. TexturePro CT software logs analyti- cal data for each test and produces statistical reports over multiple samples. Brookfield Engineering, Middleboro, MA. Tel. 800 628 8139 Fax 508 946 6262 Bathless disintegrator SensIR 3200 bathless disintegrator eliminates mess and inconvenience of conventional water-based instruments. Unit comes with two, four, or six disintegration stations within small footprint; it heats media from room temperature to 37°C in less than 8 minutes. NIR provides endpoint detection without need for modified fluted disk. Disintegration baskets operate independently or in unison, increasing throughput. Basket mounting mechanism virtually eliminates undesirable sway. Unit is controlled by touch-screen interface and meets or exceeds all harmonized compendial requirements. It stores as many as 100 reports and methods. Distek, North Brunswick, NJ. Tel. 732 422 7585 Fax 732 422 7310 Powder flow tester SSSpinTester powder flow tester uses centrifugal force to measure unconfined yield strength of fine powders. It requires just 0.05- to 1-gram samples, and testing takes less than 15 minutes. Direct measurements—ranging from 0.01 to 72 kilopascals—eliminate need to extrapolate to determine arch- ing potential. Benchtop unit includes programmed laptop computer that displays data graphically and numerically. Company also offers SpecTester spectroscopic instrument to determine degree and causes of segregation. Material Flow Solutions, Gainesville, FL. Tel. 352 303 9123 Fax 352 379 8878 test & inspection equipment f-WATestInspec_30-32_Masters 4/3/14 2:39 PM Page 30

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