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R&D tablet press NP-RD20 single-station, semi-automatic R&D tablet press produces single- and multi-layer tablets in small quantities to conduct tests and simulate dwell time and compaction of pro- duction presses. Press minimizes product loss during formu- lation development and speeds scale-up. Color touch-screen lets you program tabletting, including pre-compression para- meters and dwell time. Data acquisition system lets you collect and track test results, including compression curve and tablet elasticity. Changeover is fast; press accepts TSM and EU tool- ing in sizes B, D, and F in standard, core rod, or multi-tip con- figurations. Unit is CE-compliant runs on 110 or 220 volts. Natoli Engineering, St. Charles, MO. Tel. 636 926 8900 Fax 636 926 8910 36 April 2014 Tablets & Capsules A survey of what's available multi-layer tabletting Tablet presses Hata double-sided tablet presses convert to bi-layer tablet- ting. Two-stage closed feeding system prevents powder from escaping feed shoe to eliminate cross contamination. Powder does not re-circulate around die table, and units are equipped with vacuum ports to keep interior clean. Hata three-layer tablet press with interchangeable turret allows multi-layer tabletting and precise core alignment for tablet-in-tablet man- ufacture. Unit's mechanical assembly is customized to suit your core tablet's size and shape. Company also offers spare parts and installation, service, and technical support. Elizabeth, McKeesport, PA. Tel. 412 829 7700 Fax 412 829 9345 Tablet press training Company trains operators to understand the tabletting process, not just how to operate tablet presses, eliminating problems before they occur and ensuring that your multi- layer tablet presses perform efficiently. Company offers one- on-one training at its facility or yours. Multi-layer tabletting courses focus on accurate tablet weight, particle profile, cohe- siveness, layer definition, layer blending, and compressibility. Website offers tips, articles, and interactive blog. Techceuticals, Cleveland, OH. Tel. 216 658 8038 Fax 216 916 4383 h-WAMultitablet_36-37_Masters 4/3/14 2:44 PM Page 36

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